can english bulldogs fly on plane

Can English Bulldogs Fly On Plane? 3 Main Things To Keep In Mind

Traveling opens up new horizons, not just for us, but also for our pets. However, when it comes to bringing our dogs along for the ride, especially by air, the excitement can quickly turn into a pool of concerns and questions. One peculiar query that often pops up is: Can English Bulldogs fly on a plane? Since they belong to brachycephalic dogs, owners are afraid to travel with them by plane. So, here is what you need to know about flying with bulldogs on plane.

Why Certain Airlines Ban English Bulldogs?

As we all know, bulldogs are famous for their flat, brachycephalic skulls. Due to this feature, they can’t fly in cargo or the plane. Many dog owners are not aware of the fact that English bulldogs and other dogs with flat skulls can’t regulate their body temperature as other dogs. When the temperature in a cargo goes extreme, it can turn into a life-threating condition for English bulldogs.

Respiratory Issues:

The short nasal passages of English Bulldogs can lead to breathing difficulties, particularly in stressful situations or environments with poor ventilation, like an airplane cabin.

Temperature Control: 

Bulldogs are also more susceptible to heat stress. The controlled cabin environment can help mitigate risks related to temperature fluctuations that they might face in the cargo hold, making cabin travel seem like a safer option when permitted.

These are the things you need to know about traveling with dogs by plane:

In-Cabin Travel: Generally reserved for small pets that fit under the seat.

Cargo Hold Travel: Larger pets travel in a climate-controlled cargo area.

Breed-Specific Restrictions: Due to health concerns, some airlines restrict brachycephalic (short-nosed) breeds like English Bulldogs from flying.

can english bulldogs fly on plane

The Unique Needs of English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs are brachycephalic, making them susceptible to respiratory issues, especially under stress or in extreme temperatures. Pre-flight preparation is key to ensuring their safety and comfort. Therefore, make sure your dog is completely healthy and also mentally-ready to travel. In case you’ve never traveled with your dog before, he might feel afraid and anxious.

Health Concerns Related to Flying: 

Understand the risks and consult with a vet. Your vet should give you an advice on how to calm down your furry friend. In case your bulldog feels very afraid, then you might get a recommendation to give him/her dog-safe antidepressants. We also need to mention that you should never give your dog medicine on your own. Your vet is the only person who should prescribe you the right dosage.

Preparing Your Bulldog for Flight: 

Crate training and familiarization with travel accessories are essential. Your dog should get used to a carrier in order to behave calm during traveling. Therefore, start introducing your pet with this routine from his/her early age.

Can English Bulldogs fly in the cabin?

Whether English Bulldogs can fly in the cabin with their owners largely depends on the airline’s policy, the specific flight, and various health and safety regulations. Traveling by air with pets, especially with breeds like English Bulldogs, often raises questions about their comfort and safety. Given the unique health challenges of brachycephalic (short-nosed) breeds, pet owners need to consider several factors before booking a flight. This section will delve into the policies affecting whether English Bulldogs can accompany their owners in the cabin and how to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for these beloved pets.

Ask English bulldog can english bulldogs fly on plane

Can English Bulldogs Fly on Plane? Airline Policies on Pets in the Cabin

Airlines have specific policies regarding the transportation of pets, particularly for those allowed in the cabin. These policies vary widely:

Size and Weight Limits: 

Most airlines that allow pets in the cabin have strict size and weight limits. The pet must be able to fit comfortably in a carrier under the seat in front of you. So, if we take into account the the size and build of English Bulldogs, this is often the first hurdle. Unfortunately, they are generally too large to meet these criteria.

Breed Restrictions: 

Due to health risks associated with brachycephalic breeds, some airlines have restrictions or outright bans on transporting these breeds in the cabin. This is because English Bulldogs are prone to respiratory problems, which can be exacerbated by the stress and air pressure changes during flight.

Can bulldogs fly in cargo?

Depending on the duration of the flight, certain airlines allow your English bulldog to travel in cargo. Bulldogs as well as French bulldogs are susceptible to heatstroke and hypothermia. Airlines usually have temperature embargoes during extreme weather, prohibiting pet travel in cargo during such periods. On the other hand, many airlines that allow pets in cargo have climate-controlled and pressurized holds similar to the passenger cabin. 

Preparing Your Bulldog for Cargo Travel

Ensuring your Bulldog is ready for their cargo journey is crucial for their well-being:

Health Check and Documentation: 

A thorough veterinary check-up is essential to ensuring your Bulldog is fit for travel. Necessary vaccinations and health certificates, typically required by airlines, should be up to date.

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Appropriate Crate: 

An IATA-compliant crate that’s spacious enough for your Bulldog to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably is vital. Acclimating your Bulldog to the crate well before the journey can help reduce stress.

Feeding and Hydration: 

Follow the airline’s guidelines regarding feeding prior to the flight. Attaching a water bottle to the crate and freezing water in a dish can provide hydration without spilling during the journey.

Can English Bulldogs Fly On Plane? Wrapping up

It’s am undeniable fact that we all want only the best for our pooches. We want to take them wherever we go and let them experience memorable adventures. So, in case you want your bulldog to fly with you on a plane, make sure you take into account all the previously-mentioned tips. Your dog can safely enjoy and share every moment by your side by considering our safety travel tips.

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