Ask Englsih Bulldog Why does my English bulldog stink?

Why does my English bulldog stink?

Everybody who has ever heard of English bulldogs has also heard that they have this awkward tendency to be a bit stinky! Why do English bulldogs stink, and what can you do about that problem – let’s see:

One common issue that many English Bulldog owners face is dealing with their distinctive odor or, should we say, stinkiness. That is the reason why we have made this little guide and insight into the reasons why English Bulldogs can have a noticeable smell! If we understand the causes and try some tricks and advice to prevent and stop our Bulldog from smelling – we can have a happy doggy and fragrant environment!

Why does my English bulldog stink – reasons and causes

Do we even know what is a normal smell for bulldogs? Well, we must say that our loved bulldogs do have some normal smell that is a bit quirky but not bad. They kind of smell like their lunch, probably because it is normal to absorb the smells of the food. Sometimes, they can smell like their bedding, a bit like their shampoo, and some dirt and soil if they have been playing… But none of these fragrances should be strong or bad! Their natural smell is not bad unless there are some reasons for a bad, stinky bulldog! Here are some of the most common reasons why English bulldogs stink:

Skin folds and wrinkles can cause bad smell in bulldogs:

Ask Englsih Bulldog Why does my English bulldog stink?

One of the most common reasons why these pooches may emit a rather strong smell is because of their skin folds and wrinkles. Bulldogs have a unique anatomy that includes excessive skin folds around their face, neck, and body. These cute folds are prone to collect moisture, dirt, and even food debris. As a result, bacteria can easily flourish in these warm and moist environments. The presence of bacteria leads to unpleasant odors that can be quite strong at times. To prevent this stinky situation, it’s important for bulldog owners to regularly clean their Bulldog’s wrinkles and folds and keep those bacteria at bay!

Overactive oil glands in English bulldogs

English Bulldogs have a higher concentration of oil glands compared to other breeds. These adorable little wrinkly creatures have a genetic predisposition that causes their sebaceous glands to go into overdrive, producing more oil than is necessary. This excessive oil production can result in a distinctive odor. You might notice a musty or musky smell coming from precious bulldog buddy, especially around their face and skin folds. In some severe cases, sebaceous lands can have inflammations; they can grow into cysts or even cancerous masses. In all cases, it is important to check these oil glands at the vet and follow their advice.

Yeast and bacterial infections as cause of stink in bulldogs

Ask Englsih Bulldog Why does my English bulldog stink?

Bulldogs are prone to skin infections caused by yeast and bacteria. Yeast and bacteria love warm, moist places like those cute little folds on their faces or tail pockets. These microorganisms release certain compounds that produce a distinct odor – definitely a strong reason for a strong bulldog stink!

Poor hygiene, allergies, or even hormonal imbalances can contribute to the development of these infections. That’s why it’s super important to keep your bulldog’s skin clean and dry, paying extra attention to those creases by gently wiping them with a damp cloth. Regular vet check-ups are also key in catching any infection early on and getting proper treatment.

Allergies and skin irritations as reasons for English bulldog stink

Ask Englsih Bulldog Why does my English bulldog stink?

Bulldogs are known to have a higher tendency for various health issues and among them allergies and skin problems. Allergies are very persistent, and they can make your Bullie scratch and bite themselves, which can lead to infections and strong odors! Skin irritations are often present in English bulldogs, and when there are irritations, there will be some quirky odors and smells. The best way to deal with this problem is to prevent skin problems, and you can do that with regular cleaning and vet checkups!

Smelly paws as reason for stinky bulldog

Oh, those cousins on their adorable, chubby paws can truly be the cause of various problems, and the bad smell is one of them! English bulldog paws can easily become problematic since they can crack, bleed, develop cysts, and other issues. All those conditions can be causes for a stinky bulldog. One more thing that you should know about bulldogs’ paws is that they sweat through them, and that means that if not cleaned properly, moisture and sweat are great bacterial growing ground!

Ask Englsih Bulldog Why does my English bulldog stink?

English bulldog Farting as the cause of the bad smell

Do you know that distinct odor that can clear a room in seconds? Well, it turns out that if you have an English Bulldog, there’s a scientific explanation behind this smelly phenomenon! English bulldogs are known for farting issues, and that can be quite a stinky situation! Bulldogs have a unique digestive system that is prone to certain issues, such as flatulence. 

Thanks to their brachycephalic skull structure, they often swallow air while eating or drinking, which gets trapped in their gastrointestinal tract and leads to excessive gas production. Bulldogs’ diet is one more thing that can influence and contribute to this unpleasant aroma!

Certain ingredients like soybeans or dairy may not be easy for them to digest, and it can increase the amount of smelly farts. While it may be hilarious and embarrassing at times, it is essential to monitor your bulldog’s diet and ensure it includes easily digestible ingredients to minimize these smelly incidents.

Wrong bathing routine as reason for smelly Bulldog

Ask Englsih Bulldog Why does my English bulldog stink?

You may be surprised to know that bathing can actually cause a bad smell in your British bulldog! Well, it is true – if you don’t bathe your pup properly and with the right products, thay can smell bad! Strong shampoos that are not good for use on bulldogs’ sensitive skin can cause irritations, and that can lead to foul-smelling doggy. Also, if you don’t rinse the bulldog’s coat properly, the residue of shampoo will stick to the skin and hair and make a bad smell. 

One more thing that can contribute to the bulldog’s bad smell is if you don’t dry them thoroughly, since the excess water and moisture can stick in their folds and wrinkles and cause bad smells, irritations, and inflammations. So, when bathing your English bulldog, be careful, use mild and bulldog-friendly shampoos, and dry them well!

How to get rid of English bulldog’s bad smell – tips and tricks 

Ask Englsih Bulldog Why does my English bulldog stink?

Ok, so we have gone through some of the most common causes of why English bulldogs can stink, but we haven’t mentioned some effective solutions! What can we do to prevent or stop our precious bulldogs from smelling bad? Here are some of the best and most effective tricks and tips to have fragrant and nice smelling bullied:

  • Regular bathing is the key to eliminating that distinct English Bulldog odor. Use a mild dog shampoo specifically formulated for their skin. In that way you will avoid drying it out and to prevent creating an even worse situation!
  • Cleaning the folds and wrinkles in their face is very important. These areas tend to accumulate dirt and moisture that can contribute to the smell. Gently wipe them with a clean cloth or use specially designed pet wipes! Sometimes, you can use mild baby wipes or a vinegar-water solution!
  • Keep their ears clean and dry, as English Bulldogs are prone to ear infections, which can also cause odor. Use a damp cotton ball or ear-cleaning solution recommended by your veterinarian.
  • Brush their teeth regularly using a toothbrush and toothpaste made for dogs. This helps prevent dental issues that may lead to bad breath.
  • Diet plays a role, too! Try to option for high-quality, grain-free dog food as it has been shown to improve overall canine body odor. Also, you can avoid smelly foods like beans, fish, or eggs in the bulldog diet!
  • Regularly wash their bedding, toys, and other items they frequently come into contact with to eliminate any lingering smells. Clean and nice-smelling cozy beds for bulldogs are always a complement for your pup and your environment! 
  • Remember, a little extra effort in proper grooming goes a long way in keeping your pup smelling fresh and pleasant!


With a little more affection, good care, and lots of love, your Bulldog will smell fresh and clean in every situation, and you will have a stink-free environment and lots of great memories with your pup!

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